Multimedia and Graphic Arts Class Projects

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  • Cynthia Yang

    Cynthia Yang

  • Ho Nhat Hai

    Ho Nhat Hai

  • Ho Nhat Hai

    Ho Nhat Hai

  • Kevin Malvar

    Kevin Malvar

  • Aimee  Garza

    Aimee Garza

  • Katie Anderson

    Katie Anderson

  • Lantz Robinson

    Lantz Robinson

  • Lantz Robinson

    Lantz Robinson

  • Amanda Cash

    Amanda Cash

  • Laura Gonsalves

    Laura Gonsalves

  • Thairak Tungpagasit

    Thairak Tungpagasit

Graphic Design: Typographic Posters

The Graphic Arts and Multimedia department offers a variety of classes focusing on conceptual, creative and technical skills in graphic design, graphic arts and print production. The Graphic Arts curriculum offers courses that prepare you for careers within graphic design/printing industry and provide you with transferable credits to a 4 year college/university.

This is the showcase for the typographic posters our students created.

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