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  • Alex Litu

    Alex Litu

  • Alex Litu

    Alex Litu

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    Melody Marquez

  • Melody Marquez, Portfolio Website

    Melody Marquez, Portfolio Website

  • Payal Gupta, Diwali Festival of Lights

    Payal Gupta, Diwali Festival of Lights

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    Samantha Xie, Portfolio Website

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    Josue Cruz Portfolio

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    Michiko Zerda, Alsion-High-School

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    Sorraya Jehle


The Ohlone College Multimedia Program offers two web design classes: Website Design, MM-105: and Advanced Web Design, MM-106.

MM-105: Website Design is a beginning website production class. Students create websites using Fireworks for rapid prototyping and Dreamweaver for website development. In addition to technical skills, the course’s emphasizes design principles to create prototypes, Graphic User Interfaces, and navigations that are user centric. and This course also focuses on the consider principles of user experience design.

MM-106: Advanced Web Design introduces students to advanced techniques in web site design. In addition to industry standard software like Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Fireworks, this course focuses on responsive CSS for layout, user experience design, and navigation. Other topics include rapid prototyping, forms and JQuery, dynamic image galleries, accessibility, building flexible layouts for screen, tablets and mobile devices and professional practices in web site design.

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